April fool?


1 April..it make me remember about last year Actually every year before!
But I want to tell you guys about what happen on 1Apr last year

Firstly when I come to school I was very2 cautious about everything!
Because in my mind " I would never give a chance to all my peers to trick me"
And I was remember the first person who trying to trap me about something
Then suddenly I said "Haha..you can't caught me la, I know whats your point"
Bhahaha...It was too fun ok. You fool, cheated and make a story to your fellow
As I remember, I had fooled too many people around me!
But there is someone that had been cheated take a very long time and
Want to know how? here i type, then you read la :P
She careless to keep her personal card, so at the same time I was found the card
Then, I'm planning to impose her. I had instructed one kid which incidentally was there
to keep that card for me..Then I go back at my friends and make a silly face,
I was talking to myself "Here I go"..so "Briee..where is your card?"
Then her face totally change to blue because she never expect that she will lost that thing
"Eh...where ah?" Then she made a decision to looking for it around our port
After 10minutes searching and that thing not found yet..She talk to me
"we go to green house and teachers car park ok? Because that is one of place that
I just pass just now!" I blur for a moment and was thinking that
" I will not allow her to go because now is raining heavily"
so..I says what on my mind to her.. But she said "I don't mind"
So..I go with her 'helping' her to find that card!
I think about 1/2 hour she looking her card by plowing through rain
"Pity her" Haha..I was talking to myself, Then Briee ask a help from our junior
to help her looking the card! They had been search around school around 15minutes
Its about 1 hour they make a tour around school and after i see that three of them was totally
Exhausted...Finally I make a decision to tell the real case
"Briee...the truth is, your card is with me, I lie to you because today is APRIL FOOL"
Then I laughing as loud as i can..Haha..To BRIEEMALA NAIR A/P KUNJAPANAIR
That day is the day that I laughing very2 much just because of it! :P
Eh girl..this year also you made me laugh! Hahaha..I will remember that word "huh?"

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