Don't waste Life!

Here I am, walking through time
taking these steps, through this life of mine
Where am I now, and where will I go
Is it all an illusion? - I really don’t know.

Days seem to pass, before long it’s years
While I’ve been contemplating life's hopes and Life's fears.
Watching and waiting, just looking on
before I knew it, my whole life had gone

I awoke from Life's dream, and now here I stand
Looking back at my life with God at my hand
I learned about life and the meaning of love
amidst tears of pain, but was that enough?

In life we can live out our dreams if we want to - its true
the one who decides, takes chances, makes choices

So before you let your life pass you by
think of these words, Live your dream - don’t be shy
All you need, you have within
So live your dream now, let YOUR life begin

Who Is This Little Girl?

Who is this little girl?
What happened on this day?
Did she grow up to be a Mom?
No one can hardly say.

Such a pretty little picture.
And its condition is quite good.
But no one ever placed it in
the place they really should.

How proud and honored you'd be
to look at yourself someday,
But nothing ever happened
for it to be viewed today.

It wasn't ever enjoyed at all
found in a drawer, in a box,
stored right next to
old letters, lingerie and socks.

So when I came across your picture
it made me sad to see,
for it meant your story's meaning
has been lost in history.

Remembering the past

I remember
walking down the street beside
father’s legs
taking a nap in Mama’s lap
talking to the pigeons in the park
I remember
my fuzzy hat, my yellow cat
my potty pot
I remember a lot

I remember
going out with my friend
with my happy go lucky buddy
I remember
the drain that I fall
the tree that I climb
the river where I swim
but I wish I remembered
what I forgot.