Jealous? Nope..Hmm A bit!


I want to tell that Im not jealous with Maria Aragon
Hmm..Actually a bit la! Haha
You know right that I adore Lady Gaga damn much!
But Maria Aragon can be with her! Huh -.-
Hahhaha...But its ok !
I accept it! And im happy too :)

Maria Lourdes Aragon (born July 17, 2000) is a Filipino-Canadian singer. Aragon is a fifth-grade student at the Isaac Brock School who gained fame after a YouTube video of her performing Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" went  viral.

Lady Gaga always keeps her promises. Back in February she promised Little Monster and a big fan, 10 year old Maria Aragon toperform ‘Born This Way’ together at GaGa’s Toronto concert, and they did.
Their ‘Born This Way’ duet is really touching. Now wonder why it brought tears to Mother Monster’s eyes when she said that Maria represented what the song was all about – the next generation of the future.
Now I love Lady Gaga and I adore Maria Aragon!
You guys are my idol!

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