Diary of the year!


Thank you 2010 for being such a GREAT year for me :)
This year I learned too many new things..
At the 1st month of the year [Jan] till 
the 3rd month of the year [March]
I live in the world of problem! Huh =.=
But I can face those problem lightly bcoz I've such a very lovely person which always beside me!
They are my Family.. my Mummy.. Ms Cvw!

Firstly someone which is treacherous entered in my life
I don't know whats her problem..She's such a very powerful woman I thought who give me, my first stress began at her and she bring her luck all the time to me!
I still remember,Im crying like crazy in front of
 Pn.Azah and Tn.Hj.Ahmad Yassin
I can't control myself! I really2 didn't expect
that she's willing to do so!
Haihh...now I know that the thing we call "PERSON" is not all can be trusted
hhmm...All my problems are related to her! =_=
Then I've a crisis with superintendent of schools management 
Huh...I don't have any problem with all the prefect!
I just love all of them
But got someone who's really2 hate me I guess,
she never want to see me happy
She makes me to hate the prefect life,
and she also makes me hate her*once!!
At the end! "RESIGN" the best way to make my heart
not to hating those things again!
 Oh ya...But I remember something! Before I changed my uniform, I got award from someone
The title was "ABPBTU"  its stand for "Anugerah Budak Paling Banyak Tuka Uniform" Haha
And after I changed my uniform..! Guess what?
So many students in my school was shock
They keep asking me"Sofea..you are not a prefect anymore?" Huh
And the same time I talked to myself "Hhmm...You ask me such a stupid Q,If im not wearing my prefect attire..meaning I'm not the superintendent of school anymore" Haha

I don't remember much what happened at the month of April!
So..I skip to the next month,May..!
At the month of May. I found another interlopers!
I called her Rocket :P lol
Huh...! I still remember, Rocket made me blushed
in front of my whole class
Lucky all my class member know that
I'm not like what she said..=.=
At  8th of May,I attended a badminton match at school level

That was a very2 good exp...! I was really2 enjoyed
my match between HuiKe[1st place]
She was very talented..! I think our match have been intrigued soo many people around
Coz the other matches around us had been terminated momentarily bcause just they want to see us play!
Even though I lost, But the match was so thrilling
At this match we've a racket flying scene, the flying player scene and the best scene is *for me la
Huike was laying on the ground almost 5mins
coz she could not reach the ball that I gave to her ^^
At double match..! my partner and I won the third place..!
We lost in Huike[she again] team!
At May also, I've another great moment..!
 At the teacher's day celebration
This year I could not make any performance bcause Rocket take in charge at all the performance at that day!
So..do you think..! She will allowed me to make any performance at that day?

Jun!! Middle of the month..!
First of Jun, I'm playing by paint! Haha..!
I helped someone paint one of the room in her house
Act, that week I had a fever..But Sofea will not lose with fever! lol
And the most important fact for me is Playing Is Priority Hahaha
At 11/7/2010 ELS Committee went to Jusco Tebrau
For me.. The day is the best the ever!!
I really enjoyed my day damn much! And I think this year I spent most of my time at ELS!
And its worth the world :)
At the 12/7 till till 18/7 I attended two camps at one week

Haha..! That was very2 tired but crowded with excitement ^^

Hari Raya 2010 is the best Raya for me :)

This year I get to celebrate my Raya with my mummy
and all RC members!
I think I have reached all the houses that I want to go ^^
Hihi... Sure will miss them very much :)
Haa...! At Aug! My class had new English teacher!
Act she's only  practical teacher

Huhu..Once she entered our class.. I set my mind
"Huh..Muke baek,Tak mao la buli dye" Haha...But
 My classmate didn't think as I did
My classmate was bullied her so many time I guess! LOL xD
I know what in your mind now,
Our class is very mischievous right! Haha
But only for this year ok! Next year 5RC will be the
best good class ever! lol
At sept till Nov the rate case of my stomach ache increasing!![Science words] Hahaha
I kept troubling Ms Vee & Mummy! Huh =.=
Now I feel so bad..! I don't have to come to school if
I'd only give them so much trouble
They always be the person who's was there
by the time I'm in my world of sickness! ;(

4RC2010 is the best class that I ever entered before

A little mischievous, always done our own things, a bit potty, be down on will imprisonment,
will be very angry if some people condemn their class, never split,
hard-headed just to listen what people saying.
To prove what I'd say...! We went to Desaru by ourselves during schooling session..Haha

I don't think the other class will do that at this time,
At first we also afraid if getting caught for truancy
at school just to go to Desaru! But like what I said,
we always do our own things
So..we continue our life ^^

18Nov is my last day at Taman U,
Ms Vee makes a small feast for me ^^
That was a very2 good day for me act..
Although no special things that day

I think I know y ! That day was my last day, so those moment was gave a very good impact to me :')
huh..At new place[act..my old place]
I feel so awkward at the first weeks
But...! day by day I feel more comfortable with this new place ^^
Not to bad leh this place :) Hhoho
 I don't want to talk a lot about my birthday!
Huhu..I just want to say THANK YOU 
to..my family,mummy, ms vee,jieha,wani,briee,sis mas,tina
and 4rc members
I just love you guys deeply from my heart!

And if someone ask me..
Who's the person that had changed my life the most this year
I will shout and say!
Ms. Cheong Vee Wen

Mdm. Rafidah bt. Abdul Samad

Thanks guys :)
I love you both 
I would thank you from the bottom of my heart, but for you my heart has no bottom.

Gudbye 2010!

It's time to say good-bye
Our year has come to an end.
I've made more cherished memories
and many more new friends.

I've watched you learn and grow
and change from day to day.
I hope that all the things we've done
Have helped in some small way.

So it's with happy memories
I send you out the door,
With great hope and expectations
for what next year holds in store.

Thank you!


Birthday semalam mmg best :)
Sambut nagn family je tp meriah !!
Huhu..! Parent tak bg adiah pape ag! Tp dyeorg kate dyeorg akan bg
Dyeorg soh tggu je! Huhu..ok! Kokya tggu ye..!
Hhhmm...And tak lupe jugak dekat Mummy, Ms Vee and Tina
Sbb post adiah smpi umah! <3
Tige2 adiah mmg Pea suke sgt! Ag2 Patrick
Scc Pea mmg suke Patrick yg dunggu tuh
Tp ta sangke lak yg patrick tuh rupenye ade maksud yg len :)
Thanks Ms Vee..Pea suke sgt yaw Patrick tuh :)
Haa..Tak lupe gak kat my beloved mummy!
Dye ni punye adiah betol2 wat tekejot je
24hb Tuh smpi umah kol 11;15
Cm."eh..mummy pon de adiah tok piea?"
Haha...! Thank you very much mummy!

Hhmm...! Thanks jugak kepade 120 org di fb yg wish

Huh....and special thnks to Wani,Jieha & Mummy coz 
korang top 3 yg wish! Oh ya..Ms Vee.. Tatao la num bpe
Sbb bace email pon tepat kol 1 an! hahaha
Anyway tq guys <3



I dont know


spinning out of control
my mind is always spinning

shimmers of pain and confusion
dominate my every thought

I can't handle it
it can devour me at an instant

when, where, why?
questions I ask everyday

limbo is my residence
madness is my destination

is this it?
this is all I'm supposed to be

where do I fit in?
or do I fit in?



Everything happens for a reason, 
That is what we say.
And I want to keep believing, 
But why do I feel this way? 

My destiny is already set.
God has already made my fate.
That is why I live without regret.
So why do I feel this way? 

soo cute <3

We say that if it's meant to be.
Then in time we will see.
But why wait for eventually, 
When we know our destiny.

You told me that you are afraid.
'What if it is just another feeling'? 
I would hate for you to feel betrayed.
In something that is just another fling.

What if I said to you, 
That I was a little afraid too.
Of loosing something so beautiful.

Love is in the air!



Huh..Penat gilew oh kalaw tak benti2 jalan
Mase tuh memule g Melaka Wonderland!
Tuh tempat baru..Memule ingatkn cm tade org je yg ade
Sampai sne! Perrggh...! Ramai tuh tade la
Tp nak naek rides dye sume berator panjang oh
Huh..! Tp mmg syook abes la kat sne!
Kat sne bnde yg paling best skali naek
Tornado Chaser

Huh..nek bnde ni cm naek roller coaster oh
Mmg best gilew! Then bnde yg paling sgt gempak ape au
Kat sne mascot dye sume nye comel2 oh
Dala si Sofea ni tak bole jmpe bnde comel ni
Hmm...G sne nmpk je mascot tuh! Teros cm..
"Arrgghh....! Too Cute..Amek gmba cepat2!!!"
Haha..Byk la gak amek gmba nye! Gmba nye pon sume comel2
Hihi....Tatao nak display kat korang yg ne!! Maybe yg ni?
Hihi..! Senang cite mase g Melaka ni best gilew la wei!!

Lepas g Melaka kiteorg teros gerak g PD!
Kiteorg g sne sbb adek yg paling kecik tuh berie sgt nak g sne
So..kiteorg g la tempat biase yg kiteorg slalu g an *Corus Paradise Resort*
Kiteorg kalaw g PD je ni la mmg tempat nye!
Sbb kat sne ayah pon da kenal an org nye! Then kat sini kiteorg dok apartment
Selese skit dr dok kat bilik hotel an!
Mase kat sini hari petame pagi semue org mandi sbb excited la kn
Smpi ptg je.."OMG...Kaki kokya saket la mak" Haha
Punye la syookk mandi kn semalam nagn pagi nye tuh
Smpi kaki yg saket tuh da ta ingat da..maybe rendam air lame sgt kot
Sampi ptg nye tuh da takle nak mandi da..Kaki nye da saket gilew la!
Kat sini Bukannye ade swimming pool  je! Kat sini ade pantai gak!
Maen kat pnatai ag best! ahhaha..
Dapat men pasir! Memule sekali tuh ingat nak men tanam2 org
Tetibe bile ade sorang tuh da tejumpe cacing! Sume benti korek pasir! haha

Kat sini stay 2hari 2malam..! Wolopon kejap tp best oh!
Then sebelom balek singgah kat Teluk Kemang!
Kat sini singgah mkn and jalan2!

Bende yg paling best kat sini dpt nek kude
Kude yg si Sofea nek ni besa gilew oh
Kude paling besa kat sne! haha..Eh! Besar ke tggi haa? ahaha

Haiya...penat oh tulis bnde ni
Byk ag nak ckp tp kang korang boring plak an! Dala
Tq for reading! :)

You're Beautiful


Whoaaa!! Sekarang tengah gilew cite ni!
Wolopon ni cite lame tp"ape aku kesah" kan3?
Hahhaha.. :D
Best sgt! Kelakarr Gilew la!
Pas2...dye nye pelakon! Ensem tao takk!
Yang paling ensem na tao spe?

Go Mi Nam!

Haha...dye yg paling comel sbb ape tao
sbb dye ni sbenanye pompan!
Haha..sbb tuh la dye tuh comel sgt XD

Then yg kedue nye ni..dye ta comel pon
But dye ni smart!! Haa...suke laki smart2 ni!!
Kang Shin Woo!

Dalm Group tuh dye yg paling ta comel!
Sbb dye yg paling semart!!
Hhaha..and kalaw korang tgok betol2
Muke dye same nagn muke Kim Hyun Joong!

Then ahli Ft.Island ni!
Dye ni 24jam nagn muke comel dye

Haa...dlm cite ni budak ni mmg comel gilew
Semue bnde yg dye wat..sume comel!
Dye ni mmg peramah sgt! Tp garang oh!
haha...jeles la cmni!
Kecomelan dye telah menurunkn darjat si Sofea ni!

Yg last skali ketue group ni!
Dye ni pon ensem jugakk!
Tp Sofae ni ta suke mamat ensem
Dye sume mamat Comel nagn Smart
Tae Kyung!

HUh...Dye dlm cite ni sombong abess oh!
Bajet cm kaye sgt je
Pembersih gilew la konon..smpi org muntah kat dye
Then pengsan! HUh....kelakar3!

Haa.....Senang cite cite ni mmg best la
Nak tolong promot ni! Jagn lupe Tgok tao cite ni!
Kalaw korang ta tgok!
Mmg ta dpt la na tgok muke dyeorg2 yg cute ni! :P

Wishlist for my birthday!


My birthday is coming and I do not know what to do. My birthday is perfect for a celebration because the day is Saturday and in a meantime its a Christmastime . Every birthday i will receive a gift from someone but I never got the things that I really want. So i have a wish list that i will share for my blog reader. This are only few of my wish list just for myself since it is my birthday. Here are some of it:

* camcorder

* Teddy Bear

* a break from stress (LOL)

* Psp

* Handbag

* Meet Super Junior

I do not need much all of it but it is just a wish right? What do you think of my list? Thank you for reading....