What makes me happy!


Here I want to share with you guys
What makes me happy!
1. When my Family, Mummy Fida, M.Vee,S.Mas and my bestfriends HAPPY!
Seriously when I see their smile my heart will be too happy
2.When I see something cute!
Oh God..I will turn crazy if I look for something cute,weirdo? Haha..well!
3.When I achieve my goals
Everyone will be happy if they achieve their goals right? Same with me la
4.When I watched live concert
Haha..Sure if we on concert we will turn to crazy right!
5.When my fav artist release new single
When Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift release new single I will shout
I dunno why..maybe coz I am crazy about em?
6.When I with em "all in num 1 names"
Ilove em very much, so sure I will happy when I with them :)

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