Tekejot berok la sei bile dengar news dr Deyla td
Mmg cm nak nanges pon ade!
Tatao nak ckp ape da ni!
Mmg kelu lidah,rasenye darah pon beku jap td
WTH la sei bnde ni sume
Kenape tao last min ni?
Tak siap nak prepare pape pon
Then Argghhhh! Dunno wat to say la!
Juz like want to die now!
Anyone!! Nid CPR!!! Huwaaa!
Kenape lak bole dpt news yg tekejot gilew tuh
And yg tak bole nak trime tuh
And yg mmg kalaw dengar leh mati kat sne gak tuh
And Huh....dunno wat so say
But my heart cant accept  this news
I cant!!!!! Feel I want to be like this:

Im really2 happy coz yterday i've  got such a wonderful experienced
And now Sofea is not in mood!
Sorry if she make such a >.< or =.= to you!
She really doesn't mean it :)
Hope u guys can understand wat she feel rite now!

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