I'am Lady Gaga's big fan! Who Cares?


I think not only my nearest friends and family know that I'm a big fan of

But all my blog readers know right? Hmm...
Im in crazy with her since im in form3(2009) till NOW!
I sing, dance, keep her picture in my phone, watch her live performance vid
Always update on her sites(Twitter,her own website,facebook)
I make everyone know that Im addict with her, and since everyone know
That Im crazy with her, lots of people pointed out that I was wrong
They sent many emails to me related to Lady Gaga is a freemasonry la what la
Then, when at school I sing Bad Romance, Alejandro 'people' keep scolding me
Bubbling Bla bla bla and keep bla bla bla and bla bla bla
Why ha people? I just listen to their music la, Im not going to worship what they brought
Huu~  Anyway, I appreciate la what you guys did to me
I seems like you concerned to me :) I guess, Haha

Now I want share with you guys my favorite songs of Lady Gaga now
Hair, Judas, The Edge Of Glory, Bad Romance, Born This Way
Hee~ Lady Gaga I love you lah!

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