My nickname :)


I want to share all nickname that folks call me
I bet, after read this you will be say "Err..weird?!"
Ya..I like if you say that way.. Hahha
Firstly, my family call me KOKYA!
The correct sound is KOK-YA!
Then..when im in kinder garden and still at primary school
My friends keep calling me SOERAYA!
You can mention its as SU-RA-YA!
When Im in secondary school my friends and teacher call me
SOFEA..! Its sounds SO-FEE-YA!
Then I had PEA,PIEA and PIA!
Both three has a same sound PEE-YA!
But now I really2 want people call me OYA!
I think that cute!! Hahahha
All the nickname I shared above is all MINE! THIS GIRL...!!
Haha..I do not know why Im wasting my time shared this silly things with you!
But I really hope that you like it :)

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